Connecting women in agriculture at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

This past November 19 to 21, GRAS had the privilege of sponsoring two students (in an agricultural or food post-secondary program) who identify as women to attend the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls. Emma Stock and Taylor Legge got the opportunity to celebrate their passion for agriculture. They heard from a variety of speakers who shared their personal stories, developed soft skills in leadership and career building, networked and built connections with women from across the country and sector, shared ideas and different perspectives, spoke with like-minded individuals, and practiced their skills in multiple workshops.

Pictured: Emma Stock (left) and Taylor Legge (right)

They were surrounded by others who were looking to be inspired and encouraged to a career in agriculture. Both students had encouraging words to share about their unique opportunity.

“Participating in the event proved to be an incredibly uplifting journey as I absorbed the empowering stories of successful women from around the country, sharing insights on mental health, entrepreneurship, and overcoming challenges. The event not only served as a powerful reminder that I am part of a community with limitless potential but also left me with a newfound sense of motivation and eagerness to embrace exciting new possibilities. Reflecting on the invaluable insights gained, I’m genuinely excited to channel this inspiration into concrete actions in my own life.”

– Emma Stock

“The advancing women in ag conference was a fantastic experience for me! I got the opportunity to meet so many great women working various careers in the ag industry, and to hear great speakers and learn lots from them! During the conference I was able to connect with other students who had been sponsored to attend the event and hear about everyone’s pathway into the ag industry. The event was meticulously planned and I would highly recommend it to any young people looking to start out in the agriculture industry! I greatly appreciate the support of Grand River Ag Society in allowing me to attend this event and I hope they continue to support other students in the future!”

– Taylor Legg

GRAS was proud to send both students to have a motivating experience at this once-in-a-lifetime event! Encouraging women to begin careers in agriculture is a true passion for the GRAS mission.

We wish these students all the best as they further their careers in agriculture!

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