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Privacy Policy

Grand River Agricultural Society is committed to the privacy of your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Act gives individuals certain rights concerning the privacy of their personal information.

What Personal Information is Collected

Personal information is any information about an individual. This could include information such as your name, address, order identification numbers, credit card information, and any other information relevant to delivery of our products or services. Personal Information is collected by Grand River Agricultural Society only when you, as a visitor, specifically and knowingly choose to provide it to us.

Why We Need Personal Information

Grand River Agricultural Society collects personal information for various reasons including: understanding your needs, meeting legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, to facilitate the delivery of products and services, to maintain your accurate contact information, and to provide information about our facility, products and services. We only disclose personal information to third parties for administrative purposes, and only when you have expressly consented to the disclosure. Third parties are always bound by the same commitment to protect your personal information.

Collection of Your Personal Information on Our Web Site

We may collect personal information through email contact, as well as forms and applications on our web site. This information is stored in secure databases on our Internet servers or those of third parties who may be contracted to provide these services. Online applications that request personal information are typically identified on the web site.


In most cases, you will be asked for your consent if we collect, use, or disclose personal information. Permission may be expressed in writing or implied and may be given to us verbally, electronically, or through your authorized representative. Individuals may withdraw permission to collect, use and disclose their personal information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions and reasonable notice.


(i) Personal information that has been used to make a decision about an individual shall be retained long enough to allow the individual access to the information after the decision has been made.
(ii) Personal information that is no longer required to fulfill the identification purposes shall be destroyed or made anonymous
(iii) Any information will be destroyed within a week of its relevance, unless it can be used for promotional purposes and the individual has granted permission for the information to be retained, in which case it will be securely stored until it’s obsolete or the individual opts out.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

Under certain circumstances, we may disclose personal information, such as when required or authorized by law or ethical reasons, when an individual has consented to the disclosure, where it is necessary to establish or collect fees, or if we engage a third party to provide administrative services to us, like Internet or other computer services. PIPEDA permits GRR to transfer personal information to a third party, without the individual’s knowledge or consent, if the transfer is simply for processing purposes and the third party only uses the information for the purposes for which it was transferred. GRR will ensure, by contractual or other means that the third party protects the information and uses it only for the purposes for which it was transferred.

Personal Information Security

Grand River Agricultural Society takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that personal information is kept safe from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. All paper files containing personal information are stored in locked cabinets. Among the steps taken to protect electronic personal information is the use of secure Internet servers, restricted file access, deploying technological safeguards like security software and firewalls, and internal password and security policies.

Employment Inquires

If you apply to Grand River Agricultural Society for employment, personal information will be considered as part of our review process. Personal information from employment candidates is kept for a limited time after a decision has been made, unless the individual asks us not to retain the information. If a job offer is accepted, the information will be retained in accordance with our privacy procedures for employee records.

Web Site Links and Statistics

Grand River Agricultural Society web site may contain links to other web sites, which are not governed by this privacy policy. We may monitor traffic patterns, site usage and related site information in order to optimize our web site information and service or product offerings. We may provide aggregated information to third parties, but these statistics do not include any identifiable personal information.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Access to Personal Information

Individuals may ask for access to any personal information we hold about them. Summary information is available on request. More detailed requests which require retrieval costs may be subject to our normal professional service fees.
An individual’s right to access their personal information is not absolute. We may deny access when denial of access is required or authorized by law, information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings, granting access would have an unreasonable impact on other people’s privacy, to protect our company’s rights and property or if the request is frivolous. Certain ethical, procedural and confidentiality rules may prevent access in certain circumstances. If Grand River Agriculture Society must deny a request for information, an explanation will be provided.

Changes to the Grand River Agricultural Society Privacy Policy

Grand River Agricultural Society regularly reviews all of its policies and procedures and may change the Privacy Policy from time to time.