Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a child!

No child should start their day off hungry.

As an organization, we are fortunate to help provide funding for breakfast/healthy snacks for children in our community. Our vision states that we remain focused on nourishing people, animals, and the planet. GRAS is focusing their food security funding for 2022 in rural elementary school breakfast programs within Wellington County.

Recently GRAS mailed out cheques with a value of $1,000 to 36 elementary schools in Centre Wellington rural areas. We felt this was a simple way to give children a step up and a strong start to their day. A nourished mind and body will have more energy for learning and growing! Food is fuel and providing these types of programs in schools is essential to our children’s education.

“Offering support for food security at rural elementary public schools enables our community to continue to nourish young bodies, minds, and souls,” says Dorothy Key, Executive Assistant and Board and Member Liaison for GRAS. “GRAS appreciates the power that a simple piece of fruit or a container of yogurt might have when it comes to equity of access. Students with full tummies and a sense of belonging will be better equipped for success in learning!”

We look forward to continuing to push our mission forward and helping even more students in our community!

We love our community! See how we are impacting Centre Wellington and the surrounding communities here:

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