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GRAS has several environmental initiatives that are completed and currently being utilized. Here’s a list of our exciting green projects:

1) Lighting up our spaces with LED lights:

LED lights are exclusively used throughout The GrandWaybuilding. LED lights are used for approximately 85% of the lighting throughout the casino building. With the new track expansion, we are committed to using LED lights exclusively around the track. The parking lot is exclusively LED lights.

2) HVAC System:

This is now on a control system to minimize power and fuel consumption; this has been used for the last 20 years.

3) 14 Level 2 EV charging stations were installed in January 2023.

Made possible by funding from FedDevand RTO4 tourism program.

4) The Kitchen now uses all recyclable and organic containers.

Most items in the kitchen, including paper on the bottom of muffins, will soon be all organic. All containers are now recyclable containers –this includes cups and takeout. Utensils are also recyclable.

5) Multi-stream recycling initiative:

One container for paper, plastics, and cans. These then get sorted by waste management at a sorting facility. It saves us from having 3 different recycling bins on site. There is a small monthly fee, but we save money by not having multiple containers on site.

6) Outside on our property we do not use any type of pesticides/insecticides.
7) Organics recycling initiative:

The kitchen is using a service that collects and delivers all its organics.

8) Food diversion initiative:

If we have leftover food product, we use the Second Harvest program to donate it to an organization in need. The food products are posted in the Second Harvest app chat forum, where users can claim the extra product.

9) Purchased new waste containers that will accept trash/recycling/organics on the patio.

These containers are picked-up (for a small fee) through Waste Management. This is part of the Food Recovery and Waste Diversion Pilot by The Circular Innovation Council.

10) Cooking Oils:

Collected and then picked up by Rothsay. They render it along with other animals
by-products at their plant. It is processed and then goes back into another animal feed.

11) The property (field) GRAS owns next door is an accepted crop rotation field.

12) A reforestation initiative on our approximately 2 acres of property will be happening in the spring of 2023.

13) Horse manure re-use:

Goes to a local farmer, where it is composted and sold as composted manure through a local Horticultural Society.

14) All tables and chairs on the patio are made from recycled milk containers.

This is done in a recycled plastic plant in Stratford. 579 milk jugs = 1 Adirondack chair

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