AgScape- Connecting in a Virtual Education Environment

In September 2020, schools across Ontario entered a new virtual learning environment. Zoom, Google Meets and YouTube became spaces AgScape had to become versatile in as teachers had a surging demand for interactive and digital resources. Online became the new reality, a reality that AgScape embraced with help from The Grand River Agricultural Society’s (GRAS) philanthropic funding and our shared goals for supporting agriculture engagement and awareness across the province.

The move to virtual education has been both a challenge and an opportunity in that AgScape had to reenvision our programs very quickly but it has also allowed us to connect with a wider audience, including new school boards in previously underserved areas. Over the last year, conversations about food security, supply chain, shortage of labour and more have been brought to the forefront and having GRAS’ support to develop programs and resources in a timely fashion has helped achieve a greater impact with our educators and students in making them aware of these important topics.

It has also allowed us to find new ways to work with industry partners to share knowledge not only within the
education environment, but ways in which everyone can successfully navigate a new virtual educational landscape.

Thanks to GRAS we were able to pivot quickly in taking on this new digital landscape, continuing to offer our
programs free of charge, and building the reach of agriculture education to students, teachers, and agricultural
societies throughout Ontario.

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