Scholar Throwback – Laura (Austin) Ferrier

As another Thursday rolls around, we bring to you another GRAS Scholar Throwback. Laura (Austin) Ferrier was a scholarship recipient in 2009 and 2010.

Here is a look at what Laura has been up to since graduating.

What has your professional journey looked like since winning your GRAS scholarship?
“Since receiving the scholarship I’ve had a number of professional opportunities, fresh out of university I worked at FS Partners in Drayton as sales support and agronomy coordinator for a few years prior to moving to grain farmer of Ontario as a communications coordinator specifically communicating to the general public about grain farming. From there I moved into the agronomist role at gfo, which I currently hold, although I’m off on mat leave. While working full time we also, as a family, grow corn, soybeans, wheat and lentils (a specialty crop for Ontario, we are the only growers in the province) and I handle marketing our lentils to local stores and restaurants.”

Do you have any personal highlights you would like to share?
“So many highlights, not sure where to start. So fortunate to have been able to have the roles I’ve had with work- meeting so many people and travelling across the province and a bit into the states. Looking forward to what’s in store as our 2 children grow up.”

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you? 
 ” The scholarship was so appreciated in general as a student you’re strapped for cash- thinking back the one time I received it I was working 2 jobs plus helping on our farm so in general it helped lessen the money stress that all students deal with. Thanks again GRAS! “

Thanks for the update Laura! Since its inception in 2006, the Scholarship and Bursary Program has awarded $216,500 to 118 students. For updates on more of our past scholars follow us on Facebook @GrandRiverAg.

If you know a student with a permanent residence in Wellington County, Perth County or the Region of Waterloo who is currently enrolled in a college or university with an agricultural or environmentally focused program they can apply for a scholarship of up to $2,500.

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